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Friday, April 3rd


Dion Timmer

Enter Achroma


Dion Timmer draws inspiration from house, alternative, and metal to flow alongside classic dubstep in his debut album, Enter Achroma. This album proves how a multitude of genres can be blended together by bringing house into “Midnight Zone” before switching into the dreamy beginnings of “Sandman Sleeps.” From soul-crushing “Sanctuary” to smooth “I Know You’re There,” Dion Timmer’s versatility as a producer is solidified.



Hard Recs

This is the album that Joyryde fans have been patiently waiting for since 2018. Beginning with sounds of an operating room, the album takes us through the past year of Joyryde’s life. Each track presents his signature bouncing beats while bringing you through anesthetized dreams and hallucinations. “MADDEN” includes influences from old-school house while “4AM” displays eclectic beats pulled from a vast array of musical influences which bend into a masterpiece. Joyryde’s massive bass-house tunes inform us Brave was well-worth the wait.


Jada Somiah

Space Love

Jada Somiah’s velvet-smooth and flowing melodies begin with dreamy “Trust (Fall)” before slinking into “If She Loves You… (Intro).” The pinging beat continues with “Speak Now,” which showcases Jada Somiah’s stunning range alternating from soft harmonies to a crescendoing belt. Moving between groovy “Spaceship” to ballads “Love Me to the Moon,” and “You’ll Be Coming Back Again,” Jada Somiah’s Space Love displays how her voice is truly out of this world.


Ultra Q

In a Cave in a Video Game

Uncool Records

Ultra Q’s new EP, which is currently only available on YouTube, was made while in isolation during the COVID-19 lock-down in the Bay Area. Playing in front of a projector, the EP starts like an arcade game before devolving into pure punk rock madness. The eight-track EP includes perfectly-weird “Plunk” and thrashing “Rosy” and “Viles.” If you think you’re hearing some unreleased mid-’90s Green Day, that’s because Ultra Q is fronted by Billie Joe Armstrong’s son Jakob.

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