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Parents outraged over “sexy ed.” curriculum

Parents showed up in protest over the sex education curriculum being taught to sixth graders all across the school district, believing it to promote promiscuity.

The meeting, which took place on Oct. 9thfor the San Diego Unified School Board had more than a dozen parents speak in protest, with nearly 100 more attending in support.

Parents carried signs stating “Too Much, Too Soon,” believing that sixth grade is too early for their children to be learning about sex education.

“We don’t object to sex education being taught to our children,” said Dean Royals, a concerned father of a first grader. “What we are simply demanding is that what is taught is age-appropriate, medically accurate, and doesn’t undermine community values. We are more concerned that SDUSD is pushing sexuality on our kids, than protecting their health.”

Some attendees spoke in defense of the sex education program that has been implemented throughout the school district this past fall.

“We are making sure that our students have evidence-based, scientifically accurate information about their bodies,” said Rabbi Marcus, an educator in the San Diego Unified School District, and one of the leaders behind the Sexual Health Advisory Committee. “ We want to help them become empowered, to know their bodies, and to make excellent choices.”

The new program has been implemented into the sixth-grade curriculum as an introduction to sexual education course in middle schools, in which they are hoping to “empower students to have a better understanding of their own bodies,” according to the committee.

“They’re just a loud majority,” said Maureen Magee, communications director for the school board said of the parents who protested. “They can opt their children out of the program if they choose, but we won’t be changing anything for them.”

It appeared the majority of parents who attended were against of the sex education program, and even mumbled in disagreement while Marcus spoke. Some parents stated that believe the sex education program is giving their children too much information at a young age, and is sending their children the wrong message.

“I’m not raising my daughter to be a girlfriend, I’m not raising her to be a sex toy, I’m raising her to be a wife,” said Dominic Jones. “One who will be respected, and who will respect men.”

Many sitting in the audience cheered in support for other parents, and waved their signs.

“Is this the casual sex message that’s intended for our middle schoolers?” said Ashley Beaver. “This isn’t sex ed., this is sexy ed., and this is the last message our kids need from school.”

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